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If there is a guy that you have your eyes on then chances are you want him to like you, but the truth is he may not even notice you! That's not because you are not pretty, funny, or witty - it's because you haven't done something that has caught his attention yet.

A guy you like may have a lot to focus on. His work, family, friends, goals, and other things may take his attention and he may not be looking outside of that line of vision for just your average every day things.

That's why if you want to get a guy to like you then you have to stand out! You have to be someone who forces him to look outside of his main focus and stay focused on you! Following are some tips to help you do that.

5 Tips to Get a Guy to Like You

1. Be Funny

Humor is a great way to get noticed and having a good sense of humor is a huge part of attracting someone to you.

Figure out what kind of humor he likes, and display that. For instance, if he is very sarcastic then match his humor. Or if he is quite cheesy then match that humor.

You don't have to pretend to have the same sense of humor as him forever; you just have to get his attention long enough for him to start to like you.

2. Pay Attention to His Ego

Even if he is not the type of guy who is egotistic, you can still make him feel good by paying attention to things that pertain to him.

For instance, you can tell him how great he is at what he does or how funny he is or how smart he is...the list is really endless. As long as you make him feel good about himself he will start to like you for doing so.

3. Avoid Being Too in His Face

Guys like a girl who is a little bit hard to get, and its instinct for a guy to want to chase a girl that he likes. I'm not talking about playing REALLY hard to get, but I am talking about giving him a little mystery to figure out. If a girl is too in his face and is too easy for him to catch than he may get turned off.

4. Avoid Being Desperate

While you don't want to become inaccessible, you also don't want to be desperate. There is nothing that turns a guy off more than a desperate or needy girl. You can portray being desperate by always being a yes girl, always doing what he wants, always saying what you think he wants to hear, and basically being available any time he wants to interact with you.

5. Be Independent

If you have your own unique interests, hobbies, and beliefs then you will be more likely to get a guy to like you than if you are a boring person who rides on other people's interests, hobbies, and beliefs.

This is why unique people are so interesting. They have something to offer other people in the way of learning and gaining new perspectives on life. So find your unique self and show a guy you like how interesting you really are!

Now that you have these 5 'get a guy' tips in your pocket, go out there and get that guy!

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